The Tampa Bay Center for Community Transformation

Doug Walker, M.Div. - Director

The Center for Church and Community

 The Center has as its goal the engagement of the church with the community within which it sits and the broader society as a whole. The Center offers educational workshops, seminars, and training to keep the church engaged in the process of building the theologically informed reciprocal relationships that are life affirming, healing, and liberating. Some of the resources offered through the Center are:

  • Healing Communities - in cooperation with Healing Communities USA, the Center offers Healing Communities training to congregations and other organizations looking to become Stations of Hope for families and individuals directly impacted by crime and the criminal justice system. Learn more . . . 
  • Participatory Defense - Learn how to participate in the defense of someone in you church, or community who is facing trial. A strong supportive group of people of faith and goodwill can go along way toward a more just resolution of a case.              more info . . . 
  • Educational Forums - not sure how to start the sometimes difficult conversations about what is happening in your community? The Center can facilitate film screenings, and discussions at your location. Contact us for more information. Discussion topics include:  
    • The Church and the War on Drugs
    • Christianity and Mass Incarceration
    • Faithful Response to Solitary Confinement
    • Rethinking Prison Minstry
  • Police/Community Dialogue - Would your congregation like to be a catalyst to help improve relationships between the community and the Police? The Center can help train facilitators  from within your own congregation and community to hold this important conversation.

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