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Primary components
Primary components of Healing Communities are the following:

  • Stigma Reduction & a Welcoming, Supportive Atmosphere. The aim is to heighten awareness surrounding criminal justice, help the congregation reduce the sense of isolation and shame families feel over having incarcerated loved ones, and create a welcoming environment for returning citizens.
  • Congregations will be a source of strength for the family of the incarcerated and/or at risk persons through developing authentic relationships of care and providing a support group to walk with the family through the incarceration of their loved one and their return home.

Any Church can. Every church should

Healing Communities

Healing Communities is a framework for ministry that seeks to take what we traditionally think of as Prison Ministry and Reentry services out of the realm of outreach and evangelism and look at it instead in the context of pastoral care. 

Healing Communities trains congregations to remove the shame and stigma associated with connection with the criminal justice system and become Stations of Hope for  people who are trying to live productive, fulfilling lives. More info . .

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