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The 5th Step:We admitted to God, Ourselves, and  to Another Human Being the exact nature of our wrongs

Drug Court Sponsor

"Anonymity is the spiritual principle behind all our traditions"

Sometimes the Judge in Drug Court will require you to have a sponsor with at least 5 years clean before your next appearance. If you have never been to a meeting before, or even if you have it can take some time for you to get to know someone well enough to know if they have the clean time AND you feel comfortable enough for them to be your sponsor. I have 15 years clean and a graduate of Drug Court in 2007.

Recovery Ministry

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When it was time for me to do my 5th Step my sponsor sent me to a monastery to have a priest listen to my 5th Step and tell me about his own experience, strength, and hope in God and in the 12 Step program. Now it is my turn to give back.

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