The Institute offers a holistic, collaborative environment for women to acquire the skills and resources necessary for resilient leadership. Through the Institute women develop their own voice and agency for enhancing the lives of their families and fostering vibrant communities through personal sharing  and mutual support the ministries of the Institute include:

Parent Café - Consists of 6-sessions, designed to educate parents about the research-based Protective Factors that keep families strong so that they can take responsibility for living these protective factors in their families.  (Introduction to all 5 Protective Factors). 

Healing Circles -  A 12-session program to help women healthier adults and better parents.  This is a mind/body/spirit holistic approach to personal growth.  It is our belief that before individuals caught up in a cycle of individual and community trauma can move forward, they must first be encouraged to take inventory of their personal histories and heal their wounds in a safe and supportive environment.    

Circles of Support— Families who desire the tools necessary to bring about change in their own lives, and move towards self-sufficiency.  Are paired with Allies (mentors) who have overcome barriers in their own lives or those who are simply willing to inspire and support families.

Community Organizing 101 - A 10-session workshop designed to teach the participant’s leadership skills that will enable them to organize around issues that are adversely impacting their families.  And, then to engage with decision makers to make necessary changes for improvement.  “Organizing for Social Change” developed by the Midwest Academy is used as the primary text.

Child Development - Parents have a major and predictable impact on the lives of their children. Learn conditions that foster healthy relationships.

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